This Novel contains some events inspired by history

This Novel contains some events inspired by history

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An excellent read! I am very impressed with how the author was able to weave into the story so many historical icons such as J.F.K , Albert Einstein, MLK and still keep the reader's attention and intrigue. Moreover, the plot is developed, the writing is professional, and the characters are super engaging. Journey through 5 decades with Leo and his son Michael, as the author tackles many of the social degeneration of the past century. Two thumbs up!
Sarah Fast NYC Editor
The book holds your attention and leaves you wanting more. Love certainly does reveal that unity, knowledge, and a strong family bond can change the future. The inter-lapping of historical events through-out this story, as well as inspirational quotes, was very educational and inspiring. This family endures exhilarated twist and turns and gives you hope that love is all you need.
Anonymous Amazon Customer
Love Reveals, is one of the most creative book. I am totally awed at how adroitly the author created the people that lived through some of the most monumental times in the history of American's and the manner in which he so skillfully described how these major events of the past several decades directly impacted their lives. Let me add also that this is a masterpiece that should be must reading for today, young Americans as well as those old enough to have lived through these times
Woody Saratoga Retired Journalist
The author masterfully wraps his characters around the most important cultural and political events during the last half of the 20th century. It is a phenomenal story of love, romance, human rights, womens equality and civil rights. It is a celebration of achievement.
Eric Conner Literature Authority
What a great, thorough, cerebral, philosophical, compassionate statement made in this book! Well done! The Characters light the way. I commend the Author on tying everything together and coming full circle....
Elizabeth Zack Editor, Book Craft





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